Thursday, 26 November 2009


Don't you just love tutorials -errr no!
I had my tutorial with Itai yesterday and he didn't like my idea so back to the drawing board. I understand where he is coming from as he thinks the idea is tacky and patronizing, he thinks the images will end up like I am just taking the piss out of the model. Its just very frustrating that we are now end of November and I am back to the drawing board-
as Tony the tiger would say grrrrrrrrrrreat ! Lets just hope Kellys dissertation one tomorrow goes a bit better!


  1. i seem to be coming across a lot of things relevant to your projects rather than mine!!

    this was shot in cape town (not that you can tell) with south african models and south african 'credits' (ie. they're all fake):

    - duane

  2. cheers mate very kind, due to Itai ruining my last idea there is now a high chance that i am not going to do it in south africa due to time and organization ! Looks like i am going to have to start a whole new project