Thursday, 5 November 2009

5th Novemeber (fireworks)

Hello (Blog Started),
This is my first blog EVER so I appologize for spelling mistakes, punctuation and any other annoying habits!
Guys i would really like some feed back (if you can think of any), on my main project idea? It was all about shooting in South African Townships. I cant work out whether it will work or not?
Also u realise the book has to be in on the 1st, help!


  1. Also had first study support session, so worth it if you can!

  2. Hey Jonty!

    I like the idea with your shoot..I don't see anything wrong with shooting Townships... i did shoot the slums in India on previous trips there... I think you should really shoot whatever you wanna shoot... As far as you do it from a respectful perspective...
    Couple of questions... *missed your Major Project presentation

    How are you gonna make it non documentary?? Or is it to document your primary intention??

    How are you gonna make it look different from any other "similar" locations say "Brazilian favela" or "Indian Slums"?? Other than the people there...the surroundings are pretty similar...

  3. Hello my new dear blog/class m8. Didnt get to know you well yet..lets see what the future unfolds :)

    Regarding your project..didnt see the presentation but I think Ruby Ruby (2u3£n) has a point there...

    it was the same with Bevans project...they (the evil teachers) didnt see it as a "fashion photography" related subject and also without a controlled by you story its more like pure documentary so you cant really plan how the shoot will look like and what you will get out of it...howk. x

  4. I like it when you call my name Mary Mary

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  6. Guy,
    cheers for all you comments and suggestions. I have yet to finalize whether i am doing it yet or not, i have been waiting to speak to Itai about it but at the end of every lecture, he tells me to wait to the next one so it is getting more and more expensive££££££££££!
    In answer to Ruby Ruby Q and Maria Maria, it will be fashion related, as u can imagine its bloody impossible to work it all out without being there but the whole fun of this project. I do have a plan though to follow round some of the local lads round from the townships but it all depends how hard it is to bond with them. I am now thinking that i actually go out there for a much longer length of time and see what happens! Any thoughts would be appreciated