Saturday, 28 November 2009

Friday, 27 November 2009

Nope changed that too- ha life is good

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Don't you just love tutorials -errr no!
I had my tutorial with Itai yesterday and he didn't like my idea so back to the drawing board. I understand where he is coming from as he thinks the idea is tacky and patronizing, he thinks the images will end up like I am just taking the piss out of the model. Its just very frustrating that we are now end of November and I am back to the drawing board-
as Tony the tiger would say grrrrrrrrrrreat ! Lets just hope Kellys dissertation one tomorrow goes a bit better!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesdays Lecture with ED!

*******Guys, was anything important said in EDs lecture, unfortunately I couldn't go due to an event i couldn't move*******

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The shanty town Cinderellas

For young people in the run-down suburbs of Cape Town, the graduation ball is a real dance of freedom, proof that they are going places in the world. And these prom queens and their kings will save and sacrifice almost anything for their one night of glamour

Candice Hermanus in her prom dress

Bernadine-Lee Rossouw

Bernadine-Lee didn’t think she would be able to afford to go to the dance, but members of the community chipped in, and an uncle donated his car. Her mother, Cheraldyne, her father and three brothers live in a wooden shack, with a carpet as protection against the wet ground. “We lived on bread for a week to save up for the dress. She looked like an angel,” Cheraldyne says of her daughter, who died a few months after the dance. “There were hundreds of people at her funeral, and we put a picture of her in her dress on the coffin. Everyone will remember her in that dress, so it was worth it.”

Nazreen Schoor is having the final braids added to her elaborate hairdo. It has taken the local hairdresser hours to smooth the 17-year-old’s hair into a lace-like cascade. “But it has been worth it,” the schoolgirl says happily. In a few hours she will step into a dress bought by her parents for R3,000 (£236), and go out on an evening that cost the equivalent of a few months’ wages for an average worker in her area. “The dress would have cost more,” she says, “but my sister and I matriculated in the same year and we got two dresses for the price of one.”

Every year, students at South African schools celebrate their graduation with a matriculation (or matric) ball. In apartheid years, it was an exclusively white affair: white students in white tie. But after Mandela became President in 1994, every student of the Rainbow Nation embraced it. In the informal settlements in which 7.7 million people live – an urban sprawl in which many are without sanitation, electricity or plumbing in their basic, often tin-shack homes – the dance has taken on a special significance: a symbol of the freedom they fought so long for.

The evening is of particular importance to those children who are the first in their family to matriculate. In the shanty towns around Cape Town, an entire community has sometimes chipped in to ensure the teens look the part; dresses, shoes, cars and accessories are hired, bought or borrowed, and loans taken out. Hire shops do brisk trade, the most desired dress being the “Cinderella” with its fur-lined hood. Co-ordination is vital, and couples attending will get together months before to discuss outfits.

Concept : Sorted

I some very helpful pieces of advice i have finally sorted my concept idea. I originally got the idea from a friend in South Africa, and it was backed up by The Times Magazine this weekend!
I always wanted to go to SA to shoot in the townships , but never really had a strong enough concept behind the idea apart from the obvious, colour coordination and promoting the designer.
Now with the Matric Ball idea its sorted. I am going to use the process between the matric ball (prom) and the preparation before hand as the fashion story; finding the dress, getting it fitted , makeup hair etc. I am also going to try and incorporate the public into the shots to.
The matric ball for any students in the township are a big deal as it is the finish of the last major step in their life so far, the family save p for ages for their £100 dress, and all the community chip in for makeup cars etc-
it should be an awesome theme and any ideas are always welcome!

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Guys, does anyone have any concept ideas for my shoot in the townships of sa. I am struggling to find a strong one?
Q2. Does anyone have the september issue on dvd or know where to watch it i need inspiration

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Start

So today i have really progressed with my dissertation, the title being at the moment, the beauty of poverty; an exploration of the ethics of using a SA township as a backdrop to commercial images. I am sure the title will change again and again. I decided also not to go to Africa till nxt yr as 1 the expense and 2 the organization. Instead i am going to test shoot hear using the same concept but in a different location!
if any of u like reportage photography check this out, if u dont its an amzing story and is going to be turned into a film. Whilst i was researching i cam across the BANG BANG CLUB. Its a group of photographers that were involved in reporting the Apartheid. Its an amazing story. TYPE The Bang Bang Club - South Africa ON YOUTUBE, u can read about it but its a lot easier to watch if u want the general outline of the story. I have added a few photos which they took. Also started my physical, i dont know what everyone else is doing but i have been doing a sort of work orientated journal that actually is incredibly useful for writing photographers down etc. I hope everyone is well and happy

Monday, 9 November 2009

but anyways life moves on.......

I had my future dreams crushed today like it was putty in someones hands so not a good day! I never realized that someone can just strip you away without even knowing it!
but anyways life moves on.......
found some what i think are awesome pictures on the net over the weekend by a guy called Pieter Hugo absolutely love them. Dissertation wise normally thing, just seem to be staring at 1 of three things; the computer, written notes or a book. It doesnt really seem to be moving on. I tried inspiring myself by looking at other documents in the same sort of research but nothing. I feel i have wasted so much time by just staring......
but anyways life moves on.......
On a positive note got in touch with a south african photographer yesterday who is coming to the uk and wants to chat about my idea he is called chris saunders, check out his website, go onto the fashion bit and the first 4 images are how i imagine mine to be like. Hope everyone elses day is going better than mine, i am sure it is
but anyways life moves on.......

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Some of my recent shots from africa that u may like if u r interested in it

7th November Saturday

Guys any thoughts about my Dissertation from whoever was left, had a complete idea about it in my head before the lecture now i am just confused! Seriously annoying with my main project to as just want to talk to Itai about it as dont want to go book flights and then not do it, I have to wait Sooooooo annoying ! So at the moment i cant really do much which is so frustrating!
As none of you really know me i thought i would just stream some picture just to explain myself,
also the vid i wanted to show in my presentation look in youtube banned advert south africa soweto.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

5th Novemeber (fireworks)

Hello (Blog Started),
This is my first blog EVER so I appologize for spelling mistakes, punctuation and any other annoying habits!
Guys i would really like some feed back (if you can think of any), on my main project idea? It was all about shooting in South African Townships. I cant work out whether it will work or not?
Also u realise the book has to be in on the 1st, help!