Saturday, 7 November 2009

7th November Saturday

Guys any thoughts about my Dissertation from whoever was left, had a complete idea about it in my head before the lecture now i am just confused! Seriously annoying with my main project to as just want to talk to Itai about it as dont want to go book flights and then not do it, I have to wait Sooooooo annoying ! So at the moment i cant really do much which is so frustrating!
As none of you really know me i thought i would just stream some picture just to explain myself,
also the vid i wanted to show in my presentation look in youtube banned advert south africa soweto.


  1. I wathed this advert...very intriguing..but what is about it that moves you personally..??

  2. the advert for me is all how the role swap, how they use the backdrop to the moving images to incorporate the concept, how they take advantage of that community