Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Start

So today i have really progressed with my dissertation, the title being at the moment, the beauty of poverty; an exploration of the ethics of using a SA township as a backdrop to commercial images. I am sure the title will change again and again. I decided also not to go to Africa till nxt yr as 1 the expense and 2 the organization. Instead i am going to test shoot hear using the same concept but in a different location!
if any of u like reportage photography check this out, if u dont its an amzing story and is going to be turned into a film. Whilst i was researching i cam across the BANG BANG CLUB. Its a group of photographers that were involved in reporting the Apartheid. Its an amazing story. TYPE The Bang Bang Club - South Africa ON YOUTUBE, u can read about it but its a lot easier to watch if u want the general outline of the story. I have added a few photos which they took. Also started my physical, i dont know what everyone else is doing but i have been doing a sort of work orientated journal that actually is incredibly useful for writing photographers down etc. I hope everyone is well and happy


  1. hahahaha.... ok! Ive been to the actual exhibition
    and still have the brochure... Its actually night photography what I am after but thanks anyway!

    what system are you using to sort out your database???

  2. I havent started it yet but maybe excel, simple to the point, and very printable which is what u need. What was your plan