Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Concept : Sorted

I some very helpful pieces of advice i have finally sorted my concept idea. I originally got the idea from a friend in South Africa, and it was backed up by The Times Magazine this weekend!
I always wanted to go to SA to shoot in the townships , but never really had a strong enough concept behind the idea apart from the obvious, colour coordination and promoting the designer.
Now with the Matric Ball idea its sorted. I am going to use the process between the matric ball (prom) and the preparation before hand as the fashion story; finding the dress, getting it fitted , makeup hair etc. I am also going to try and incorporate the public into the shots to.
The matric ball for any students in the township are a big deal as it is the finish of the last major step in their life so far, the family save p for ages for their £100 dress, and all the community chip in for makeup cars etc-
it should be an awesome theme and any ideas are always welcome!