Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tutorial Yesterday

Right so apparently now I should be going back to South Africa, why Life at uni is made so complicated i just don't know. So i was told yesterday that i should be out there by the 5th. That gives me 25 days, 21 realistically with Christmas and New Year. Not going and i personally don't think very realistic!

It all relies on whether:

1. I can get the financial backing
2. I can stay with someone out there
3. If my fashion contact is out there and available

Its all just so confusing, i have thought for the last two weeks that i wasnt going!


  1. stressfull!!!!

    how come you have to go back there??

    can u now photograph stuff over here??

  2. Talk to me about it, Stressful with a capital S. From what i understand i had translated what Itai said wrongly and he only wanted me to forget about SA for two weeks. I Have to book my flights by Mon so if u dont see me first week of term you will know why, i wil be in the sun!!
    I would like to photograph stuff over here but i feel there is a large wow and ethinc factor with SA. Also it has always been a dream to shoot out there