Saturday, 19 December 2009

Smarteez kids- Possible designer, what do u think? Feed back needed

STYLE: Soweto fashionistas make the Smart choice

The Smarteez are the talk of the eclectic nu rave fashion scene. They are a tribe of young adults founded by ghetto-fresh fashioinistas Sibu and Kepi. The flamboyant duo are Africa's new street style warriors, soon to take on the nu rave world.

With features in Elle Magazine as well as Virgin fashion blogs, where they've been compared to Tokyo's Harajuku girls, the syle pioneers are set to take their movement to new heights.

Coming from the heart of South Africa, The Smarteez are painting the streets of Soweto rainbow culture style.


  1. I heard alot of noise being made about these guys. I think it could definatly work as long as you get the right pieces.

    Doing some research of my own and i came across these guys
    The holding page looks pretty glossy but even though i've heard comparisons to them being SA's answer to bape i'm yet to see a full line. Chk them out if your in Joburg.

  2. It looks great! Like Mr Ofsu said, if you get good pieces from the new collection you could shoor a really interesting editorial! Go for it!

  3. Matjazz how come i cant comment on your work ?