Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Jan 12th - 23rd

So i have finally booked flights to go to SA for pre-production. The basic 'Mission' if you will, is to return to the UK with a semi organized fashion shoot. Location scout to security, to the nearest camera shop. Its either going twice or doing it in a 3 week trip, and going twice leaves room for error and room for reflection. Organization is going to be a key feature to develop my skills enough to complete stage one for the shoot, it is going to be a case of getting to SA and networking my ass off. Should be fun!
Also at the same time i can squeeze in some future career plan pre meetings which should be convenient. So my suitcase now consists of,clothes, camera , suit sorted bing bang bosh.
Though without this discipline of organization it will be impossible and frankly a waste of money, I need a seriously plan, to have done a million emails and a tick list before i go! Now for the dissertation.....errr

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