Friday, 15 January 2010

Kepi Mngomezulu, the designer for the shoot

Meet Kepi, he will be the designer that I will be using for my shoot. He is an awesome guy, full of energy and a great person to collaborate with.
So far we plan on shooting at the end of Feb in Soweto. Kepi has found 5 different locations which we will be checking out on Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately when we come to shoot we will need security with us but I am hoping for the test shoot it shouldn't be a problem.
So far on DAY 2 of 10 we have gone through the details of the shoot, met the smarteez, confronted agencies and done a few pic for an interview in a mag (below). Tomorrow will be a quiet day as the test is on and the smarteez seem busy. So the plan is to liaise with a member of the South Africa fashion week team. Collect some contact and organize for the big day in soweto on sunday.
The main problems at the moment seem to be finding a decent willing makeup artist and hair stylist, and if we can find them in 1 person it will be a added bonus.

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  1. You are very well oganized and brave. This designers shirt looks very interesting. I love it.
    Good luck with the make up/hair.